Water Blasting Elimination

Water Elimination

Our water blasting elimination is
compliant with the OSHA Clean Air Act.
Water Blasting Elimination prevents
excessive surface marring providing safer
longer lasting roadways.

Barricades Unlimited has the experience, the personnel, and the equipment to correctly take care of all of your marking removal requirements. Our procedure works with all kinds of surface areas, consisting of these below: * Taxiway, Apron & Gate Markings. * Access, Service, & Ring Roads.

* Parking Lots & Garages * Runways * Highway Striping Removal * Roadway marking removal * Removing paint removal * Asphalt marking removal * Concrete marking elimination * Cure compound removal * Thermoplastic removal * Epoxy removal * Tape removal * Runway Rubber Elimination * Taxiway Line Removal * Airport Paint & Rubber Removal * Curing Compound Elimination.

The Ultra High-Pressure Water Pump runs with clean water, and our elimination services are perfect and adaptable for different applications.

Pavement marking removal is a crucial very first step in repair and maintenance to roadways, parking lots, and other paved surfaces. Its utilized to get rid of existing paint, epoxy, or thermoplastic markings as well as oil and grease spots, graffiti, and other cosmetic issues. We can adjust our hydroblasting techniques according to the requirements of any job, utilizing various spray widths to complete the project with less work.

Particles collect on runways, including rubber from plane tires that rub off in time and after numerous landings. 

Hydroblasting is the most eco-friendly way to remove line markings from a roadway or other paved surface. There are no solvents or fumes included. Our system collects wastewater and filters it before disposal to ensure no pollutants leach into the soil. It has emerged as the preferred option for line elimination amongst both federal government agencies and private organizations.


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