Pavement MARKING

Pavement Marking

Barricades Unlimited is the Texas choice for pavement marking. We are dedicated to deliver our wide range of pavement marking services in a timely manner.

We offer these pavement marking services:

Thermoplastic Delivery and Installation
Reflective Pavement Markers and Buttons
Paint Striping for Roadways
Specialty Markings and Logos
Quality material makes the difference! We use the highest quality materials in the industry. These materials not only meet, but exceed the standards required by state and government agencies.

Barricades Unlimited always goes the extra mile. Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop after the material is laid down. We use mobile retroflectometer technology to measure retroreflection and automatically saves key data for verification of quality standards.

Need your lane marking job done now? We stock an appropriate amount of materials to meet the demand of the Texas market. Give us a call today or submit a quote request online. We are ready to serve you!

Pavement markings are utilized to show how traffic should act on both the road and in parking areas. Pavement markings include signs such as arrows, parking lines, ease of access parking, and much more. The pavement marking services from Barricades Unlimited include both road and car park solutions to appropriately direct the traffic.

We use water blasting to get rid of any type of pre-existing pavement markings. Our Waterblasting operation can remove markings at 40,000 PSI.

If the retroreflectivity is below the minimum limit, the edge lines are repainted. Setup and elimination of traffic markings and snow plowable raised pavement markers are needed to adhere to the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), the Standard Specifications.

Pavement markings that conflict with new traffic patterns are eliminated right before or immediately after the pattern works. Longitudinal Markings consist of centerlines, lane lines, edge lines, and barrier lines. Lines may be either constant (solid) or broken. Centerlines are utilized to separate lanes of traffic moving in the opposite direction.

Edge lines are used to detail and separate the outdoors edge of pavement from the shoulder. Transverse Markings include such products as channelizing lines, stop bars, crosswalk lines, railroad crossing techniques, parking limit lines, turn arrows, and word or sign messages.

Thermoplastic, preformed plastic, and epoxy are longer-lasting than paint but costs more. Traffic paint may only be used when the pavement temperature is 40F or above. Reflective glass beads should be added immediately to the fresh paint. Thermoplastic material is supplied in solid kind and heated to a liquid state for the application.

Preformed plastic can be utilized on either asphalt or concrete pavement. The plastic strip is at least 60 millimeters thick and molds itself to pavement shapes, breaks, and faults under traffic when heated. The epoxy contains pigment and epoxy resins and a treating representative. Epoxy is usually utilized on concrete pavements.


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