We provide quality products at competitive prices.  Every item we sell we also use in the field to keep our employees safe. From truck mounted attenuators and safety glasses to everything in between, if you need it we’ve got it.  We pride ourselves on being able to provide a one-stop-shop for your traffic safety needs.  If there is something you need that we do not carry in stock, no problem.  We have a network of partners that we can source your specific products from.

Traffic Cones

The JBC cones will change the way you think about traffic cones. if you’re seeking a product that is superior in quality yet competitively priced, look no further than the JBC cones.  Available in 18” and 28” as well as 28” reflective.

Grabber-Cone® 42000 Series

TrafFix Grabber-Cones come in 42″ heights and are ballasted by Recycled Rubber Bases (sold separately). Simply drop the Recycled Rubber Base over the cone stem and you’re ready to go to work.

TrafFix Channelizer Drum™

The TrafFix Channelizer Drums are available in rugged, durable high density polyethylene, or impact resistant, reshapeable low density polyethylene.

TrafFix Channelizer Drum™ Bases

TrafFix Devices offers the largest selection of channelizer drum bases in the industry. Choose from an array of different types and styles that best fit your needs and budget.

Water Filled Barriers

The Water Filled Barrier is a durable side protective temporary crash barrier system that can be used in many situations; from protecting the public surrounding a construction site, to work-zone safety on roads and highways.

Plasticade® A-Frame Barricade Legs

Perfect for crowd control and road closures, this barricade leg is made from High Density Polyethylene.

Pre-Striped Panels

High density polyethylene pre-striped panels with internal lengthwise ribbing for added strength. 3M™ High Intensity Prismatic barricade sheeting on one or both sides.

Type 3 Barricade Kits

High density polyethylene pre-striped panels with internal lengthwise ribbing for added strength. Mounted on galvanized steel uprights.

Vertical Panels

Highway Delineator Posts (Special Order)

RoadQuake 2™ Temporary Portable Rumble Strip

Alerting Drivers with Sight, Sound and Sensation Awareness.


Surface Mounted RPMs and Traffic Buttons

Barricade Reflectors

Temporary Overlay Tabs

Yellow UV Protected Sand Bags

Road Construction Safety Signs

Order reflective road construction safety signs to inform drivers of road work ahead, detour routes, lane closures, flaggers, and utility work. They’re ideal for use day or night.

Custom Signs

Need your sign to say something specific? We can create custom signs for your city, company or project.

Sign Stands

  • All sizes and types

Stop/Slow Paddle Sign

Roll-Up Signs

Roll-Up Signs are available in non-reflective mesh/vinyl and reflective vinyl – Reflective Material: Reflexite, Marathon, or 3M Diamond Grade.

Zephyr® Sign Stand

The Zephyr portable sign stand is constructed of a steel plate molded into a recycled rubber base (weight 38 lbs).

TrafFix Little Buster® Sign Stand

All steel construction with powder coated paint. The telescoping mast is for rigid or roll-up sign brackets and allows for variable sign heights.

Big Buster® Sign Stand

The Big Buster Sign Stand has a steel base and two springs, it can withstand heavy winds, severe wind gusts, and air currents created by passing trucks.

Compact Portable Traffic Signal

A compact portable traffic signal designed for fast and easy deployment. It can be towed in tandem or individually to the site and set up in minutes.

Arrow Boards

W|ECO Folding Frame Arrow Boards are highly reliable, visible from distances of a mile or more, and employ a unique high-efficiency power system. The folding-frame design pivots the display panel up to the vertical position when deployed, and down to horizontal for transport. The display panel is held in place with a single support that ensures ease of use and prevents damage. Both 15-light and 25-light models are available.

Message Boards

The Wanco Three-Line Message Sign is capable of displaying three rows of alphanumeric characters. When you need to get information to the public, the Three-Line’s highly legible, ultra-bright LEDs display your message clearly. Unsurpassed quality, engineering and value, paired with a multitude of functions and options, make this sign perfect for a wide variety of applications.

Speed Trailers

The Wanco Compact Radar-Speed Trailer with full-matrix display features the largest portable speed sign available today. The giant display shows vehicle speed in bold 26-inch characters, warning motorists to slow down by flashing their excessive speed. The trailer’s see-through design puts pedestrians in view, improving their safety — particularly in high-risk areas. The automated solar charging system provides long run times.

Portable Surveillance

For construction projects, accidents, inclement weather and traffic-flow problems, the ability to quickly deploy a self-contained, temporary surveillance system means providing an additional measure of safety for workers, responders and the public. Wanco Portable Surveillance provides remote site monitoring in a compact, mobile, self-contained unit. Watch work zones, incident areas, and problem locations whenever and wherever necessary.

Warning Barrier Fence

Our warning barrier fence is an extremely versatile and economical plastic construction site safety fence. In lightweight 4´ x 100´ rolls, 4´ x 50´ rolls, flexible warning barrier fence is easy to handle as well as install. This fence is highly visible and is ideal for all construction applications as well as Haz Mat, crowd control, and many other uses.

Multicolor Pennant Banner

This line of  polyplastic pennants is ideal for boundary marking to keep areas safe. 60 ft. or 100 ft.

Orange Flags – Mesh Vinyl

18″ and 24″ mesh vinyl flags, blaze orange color

Hard Hats

4-Point Ratchet Suspension

Mesh Hard Hat Neck Shades

Orange Flashing Truck Top Mounting Lights (Special Order)

Work Gloves

Protective Eyewear

Safety Glasses

Keep your eyes protected with a pair of ANSI Z87.1 rated safety glasses

High Visibility Vest, ANSI Class 3, Vest

Caution Tape

This tough, contractor-grade roll of HDX Caution Tape measures 4 in. wide by 1000 ft. long, easily able to cover larger areas. Bright yellow with a bold black print, the tape offers easy visibility to help ensure safety on your jobsite. Made for rough outdoor conditions, the durable plastic material remains pliant even in cold weather.

Scorpion® Truck Mounted Attenuator

The Scorpion Truck Mounted Attenuator is hydraulically powered and is ideal for stationary and mobile construction zones. The Scorpion TMA has been tested and PASSED ALL optional and mandatory requirements suggested in the NCHRP-350 TL-3.

We provide both TMA rental and sale.  Our professionally trained staff has what it takes to ge to you quickly and get the work done efficiently and safely.